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About Us

Annual losses from counterfeiting in the world - $ 700 billion. The same as the annual US military budget.

50% of alcohol, 30% of clothes, 40% of drugs and cosmetics are counterfeited. What percent of your products is also there?

EPE.SA - Swiss consulting agency on brand protection. EPE.SA - a comprehensive security implementation. We do not sell technologies; we sell effective protective solutions that guarantee success in the fight against counterfeiting.

The effects of the introduction of protective measures:

  • Counterfeit products are forced out of the market
  • Owner of legal rights receives all profits
  • Increased customer loyalty

EPE.SA specialization:

Printed products protected against counterfeit:

  • Documents
    • Tickets and coupons
    • Certificates and licenses
    • Diplomas
  • Self-destroyed seals
  • Fuel coupons (New)
  • Vehicular passes for special facilities

Consulting in the field of brand protection

  • Creation of the model of product protection
  • Selection of the technological aspects of security
  • Evaluation of the consistency of solutions

    Examination of solution protectability

    • Evaluation of the protective profile effectiveness
    • Evaluation of the technological elements justifiability
    • Compliance with the submitted standard sample
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