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High culture of safety at the level of mentality and traditions.

We are located in Switzerland, a country with a stable legal, economic, financial and political system.

We work with the best international centers of security technologies development.

We work with the world’s largest printing companies and leading providers of security technologies, tracking and control systems of the product starting from production to the final point of sale, the developers of innovative technologies. We work with leading technology schools in Switzerland and United States of America.

We have our own technological base.

EPE.SA - it's not just consulting. We have our own technological base with modern equipment complex. We immediately test and approve the running of a particular printing principle. We do not transfer information from one printing company to another one in order to test a particular technology. New technology that is designed for you does not leave our company.

Control at every stage:

We have a responsibility to protect our client's brand and we are required to provide a high level of safety. Our company operates in a special mode, which provides safe storage of information on security solutions. We limit the number of persons that have the knowledge on the application of security technologies. We use only secure supply channel for our goods, including special couriers.

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